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Turquoise blue corset Red Fender Jazz Bass Guitar Pink wall with a female face silhouette turquoise straw cowboy hat high heeled Timberlands Rock n Roll Rock & Roll Dian Sky Henry Gio7anni


/// singer_producer


Singing since 3 yrs old, Dián has a fascinating cultural history. She moved from the deep urban city, & integrated 2 suburban neighborhoods and schools. Upon graduating she moved to the USVI for several years.


This diversity gave her the gift of discovery in many different musical genres. Rock, Soul, R&B, Broadway, Opera, Funk, Jazz, Punk, Gospel, Disco, EDM, Alternative, Blues, Reggae, World Music... 


Dián's sound has some flavors for everyone. A taste of all things good. 


/// edm_dance


The alias Sky Henry is a kiss to Dián's favorite "Henry's in the Sky". They are Dián's Sky Henry(s).


As Sky Henry, Dián allows the musics sound, show me what songs to write.

"I experiment with all kinds of audio tools. Sound waves, for example in 639 Hz, that have huge therapeutic properties." 

The LOVE wave vibes!  FUN STUFF!!!


All SKY HENRY songs are Written, Arranged, and Produced by Dián,  

aka Sky Henry.


/// neo_classical_jazz


Dián paints 9 jazz classics & 1 original, in neo cosmopolitan colors. 


Torché is an afternoon tryst in Monte Carlo, a jaunt to Brazil. 3 classics become a suite in the crisp Green Dolphin Suite.

Visit the link on the menu to listen and purchase!!!

Light the Torché of Love!


/// rock_n_roll


A homage to Dián's Irish and Native American heritage. 


Dragon Parade is a microcosm of Dián's guitar rock roots that span blues, folk, funk, melodic & hard.  Influences as diverse as YES, Led Zep, & Janis Joplin.  Dián weaves tales of mystical adventure , odysseys, & brave victories!!!


ALL DRAGON PARADE songs are Written, Arranged, and Produced by Dián.

"I am very lucky to have such amazingly talented musicians to work with."

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