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Dián Receives The
Denis Diderot Scholarship

Dear family, friends, fans and random browsers, during the Covid crisis I lost several friends and family, as well as my beloved Chihuahua.  Feeling so much loss. During this time, I came upon an offer for an Artist in Residence in France. This is a long held dream of mine that I have never let go of.  I had applied years before when my manager was still alive.  After reapplying and waiting several months, I have been accepted as an Artist-in-Residence at the Château d’Orquevaux  in Champagne-Ardenne, France, and awarded The Denis Diderot  [A-i-R] Grant which will be applied towards a portion of my residency!
The Denis Diderot Grant  I received is for 1500 Euros.  The cost of the residency is 3900 Euros (approx $4,749).  I need to have these funds submitted ASAP to know the actual dates of my residency.  The flight, local transportation, artist supplies, travel insurance, etc. are not included.  Cost for the trip is 8,260 Euros (approx $10,050).   It is for the 2021-2022 season.

I am extremely humbled and want to accept the residency, but I am financially overwhelmed with regards to the cost.  The residency is for 4 weeks and my schedule begins once the cost of the residency is applied.  The seasonal travel window is between May-October.  I am hoping to complete my residency within the 2021 season.

All those that donate will be kept up-to-date on the timeline and emailed with updates, blogs and photos and surprise art tidbits from the trip.  The highest donor will receive a very special work of art created from my residency at the Château d'Orquevaux in great appreciation for allowing me the opportunity to continue to grow and develop my artistic/musical crafts.  

Another of the works that I create while in residence, in great appreciation for being awarded this grant, will be contributed to the Château d'Orquevaux Art Collection. Château d’Orquevaux traces its history to the Denis Diderot family which always had art in mind.  

To say I would be profoundly and deeply grateful for the support and help to grant this wish is an understatement. This is a travel adventure in education and learning I will share with you.  A historic invitation.  A gate opening to a brighter future.  You wonderful generosity is the key.  The link to the Go Fund Me site is
((( ))) and within the photos on this page.  If you would prefer to donate via my PayPal Tip Jar, that address is ((( )))

Thank you so much for your consideration in helping me fulfill my educational dream.  If there is a song I can sing for you or a creation you would like to have, again, please let me know.  I am so grateful for your generosity.


Above is the MARCH 150 Fundraiser at The Torpedo Factory, in Alexandria Virginia. 

100 % of the money I raised with the BLUE SKY FIRE series, was donated to the 150 Artist Fund that sponsors an artist show in the gallery! 
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